Wolverine F2D 7-in-1 Film to Digital Converter Review

Is The Wolverine F2D 20MP 7-in-1 Film Converter The Ideal Solution To A Common Problem?

Wolverine F2D 7-in-1 Film to Digital ConverterThere is a misconception that the only way to relive memories from old slides and negatives of our grandparents is to seek the help of a professional but the Wolverine F2D 7-in-1 Film Converter aims to prove that this is not the case by providing a simple, user-friendly machine that can be used by anybody at home and can cope with all kinds of media.


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This little box can scan these negatives, slides, and 8mm reels, convert them to digital JPEGs and even compile videos that are compatible with both Windows and Mac. It sounds like it should be the ideal solution to the problem, but what do buyers think?

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What benefits have buyers enjoyed when testing out this Wolverine 7-in-1 Film Converter?

Many buyers will have purchased this model for the promise that it can deliver great copies from 7 different types of old film and it seems to live up to this claim pretty well. Negatives do appear to be more of an issue than slides but what is encouraging is that a large number of users have successfully converted their relatives’ old slides with little error and also had success with Super 8 film.

Wolverine F2D Mighty Digital ConverterThe results are said to be decent and as expected given the quality of the originals. Additionally, it seems that the results of the machine are enhanced by a fairly user-friendly nature. It may look old-fashioned and “clunky” but it does the minimum required with no fuss.

There is no computer required, just the scanner, loader, and memory – either internal or via an SD card.

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What downsides have buyers noted in their reviews for this Wolverine F2D 20MP 7-in-1 Film Converter?

Firstly, there are plenty of mixed reviews about whether or not this negative scanner is time-consuming or not, with some feeling it is just too labour intensive to be completely worthwhile. One of the big claims is that it can convert film to digital files in just seconds and while this conversation rate may be true enough, it is not quite as fast at loading the original material.

The “unique Speed-Load adapters” may be better than on previous models but it could still be better. The bigger problem, however, is the limitation on the amount of editing that can be done for corrections.

Again, the specification talks about great features like auto and manual adjustments for colour and brightness but they are minimal and the contrast can be blown out of proportion.

Summary: is this Wolverine scanner still recommendable for purchase?

To determine a final verdict we have to go back to the word “decent”; this is a “decent” upgrade on older models with a “decent” performance but there is still the idea that improvements are there to be made. With a more up-to-date design, better controls for editing the digital media, and a faster loading speed perhaps more people would be willing to give these five stars.

In the end, there are two ways to look at this Wolverine slide scanner: either it is too time-consuming for one project and it is better to go to the professionals or it gives users a fun challenge for all their slides in a fairly fast and user-friendly manner. If you are looking for the latter experience then it could be for you.


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