Pacific Image Elect PrimeFilm XE Slide Scanner

Is The Pacific Image Elect PrimeFilm XE Slide Scanner Really As Fast As People Hope?
Pacific Image Elect PrimeFilm XE Slide ScannerThe small, black Pacific Image Elect PrimeFilm XE Slide Scanner is an interesting option for anyone looking to convert both slides and negatives into clear digital copies.


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This scanner comes with two power options – the AC adaptor and the USB cable – as well as Silverfast SE Scanning Software and two holders. The slide holder contains 4 frames at a time and the negative holder can take 6. Does this little unit live up to its promises?

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What benefits have buyers highlighted in their testimonials for this Pacific Image PrimeFilm XE 35mm Film & Slide Scanner?
One of the top-selling points with this scanner is the promise of speed. It is said to handle Slides from 72 seconds at 3600 dpi and 82 seconds at 7200 dpi. The speed for negatives is different, at 63 seconds at 3600dpi and 91 seconds at 7200 dpi.

This speed is enhanced by the use of the one-touch scan button. This means less time fiddling with settings as the machine gets on with the job. Many users state that the scan time is faster than they expected, and they can get through large batches with ease.

The other benefit is the quality of the finished scan. The highest resolution option for images is 10,000 x 10,000 dpi, and there is a color depth of 48-bit. This image quality means that the results look great when transferred to the computer screen, and there is the option of enlarging the imaging.

The detail of the images remains clear and clean, and most types are film is handled well. The only problem here is that the dust and dirt tend to show up too well. Some users are having to increase their vigilance in this matter and wear white gloves.

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Other than dust and dirt, are there any important issues with this Pacific Image Elect PrimeFilm XE Slide Scanner?

The source of most of the criticisms seems to be the software that has been included. Many users appreciate the options of the Silverfast package and the compatibility with their computers. However, some found the program unintuitive, slow to run, and generally annoying.

Some have stuck with it and put up with the issues, even though they may cancel out the benefit of that speedy scan. Others have switched to CyberView. They feel that this option is more stable, although it doesn’t have the same quality in some areas.

Summary: is this PrimeFilm XE Slide and Negative Scanner still recommendable with this negative feedback in mind?

The lack of strong negative criticism about this machine means that it is easy to recommend it to users who need a capable, fast scanner. There is the chance that users will have to spend a little more time keeping the area dust-free, but the speed of the scans and the quality of the image make up for it. There are solutions to most of the problems experienced, and the Pacific Image slide scanner has proven to be a great choice for both slides and negative.



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