Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000 CCD Slides Scanner Review

Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000 Slides Scanner: High Quality, Efficient and Productive
Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000 CCD Slides Scanner with 5000dpi The Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000 CCD Slides Scanner is a product that is designed to make your work more convenient by converting huge quantities of 35mm mounted slides. The slides will be converted into digital files that can be printed, processed, searched, or distributed electronically.


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It has a remarkable 5000 dots per inch optical resolution and data conversion of 48-bit. It lets you have digital images that remain true to their original images.

The Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000 comes with a slide magazine that enables the scanner to convert a maximum of 50 slides at once. The scanner also comes with a software program that you can use to make your digital workflow much simpler.

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It includes the Magic Touch feature that automatically removes dust and scratches and the basic Adobe Photoshop elements that lets you organize and edit your images with ease.

Some Noted Features of the Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000

  • USB 2.0
  • Magic Touch
  • Optical Resolution of 5000 x 5000 (48 bit)
  • 50mm x 50mm mounted slides for batch scanning

Featuring USB 2.0 technology, one of the world’s most famous computer interfaces, the negative scanner lets you connect to the scanner simple and fast. It also makes the Power Slide more versatile by making it compatible with most modern devices.

With an impressive resolution, you will get nothing from the scanner but images with superior quality. The 35mm slide scanner captures images from your slide and brings it out with improving clarity and crispness. Thus you are assured that you will always get vivid images.

The Magic Touch will eliminate the flaws from your original images by removing dust and scratches automatically. You do not need to fiddle with them anymore. Just scan them and get your digital images fast and clean.

Through Batch Scanning, you can capture 50 slides at once. You can save time scanning because the Power Slide does it non-stop. For additional flexibility, the power slide lets you scan single slides as well. There is no such thing as a big or small task with the PowerSlide 5000 CCD – it will work for you whatever your needs are.

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System Requirements

The Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000 CCD Slides Scanner is compatible with Windows 7 (64-bit and 32-bit), Vista, and Windows XP. It is compatible with USB 2.0 as well. Your processor must be at least Pentium 4 2GHz or AMD 2GHz.

To get the most out of the PowerSlide, it is recommended that your PC has Core 2 Duo or higher. For the scanner to function well on your PC, it must at least have 1GB RAM. 2GB of RAM or higher is recommended. Moreover, your hard disk must have 10GB free storage space or more.

You must have the Mac OS 10.5 and Intel-based processors for MAC, at least Core 2 Duo with 1GB RAM. It is recommended that you MAC has a 2GB DDR SDRAM or more. Your hard disk must have 10GB of free space or more.

What the Customers Say about the Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000

Positive Remarks

The Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000 is ideal if you need to scan hundreds, even thousands of images. Customers report that they were able to use the scanner for long periods without having any problems. The automation that the Power Slide primarily features is indeed very efficient.

The image quality is superior unless you will compare it to a scanner that has a 7,200 resolution. If you purchase a round tray, you will be able to scan 100 images at a time. Apart from the proprietary software from Power Slide, you can also use several other programs such as Cyberview, Silverfast, and VueScan.

Other users of the Pacific Image slide scanner report that this new unit is better than the older PowerSlide 3650. Not only did the resolution improve, but the volume of the images that you can scan has also grown as well.

Some Disappointments

The Pacific Image automated 35mm slide scanner does not support the Kodak digital ICE anymore. Other users report that the slide tray of the scanner gets jammed at times. This can be avoided by purchasing another slide tray of a different brand.

Other customers report slight shortcomings with the tone, color accuracy, contrast, and resolution if you compare the scanned images with those scanned using flatbed scanners.

In Summation

The PowerSlide 5000 may have some flaws, but its features and benefits clearly outweigh the cons. If you are serious about dealing with large quantities of images, the Pacific Image scanner is definitely the right choice for you.


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