Pacific Image Elect ImageBox-MF Slide Scanner

Is The Streamlined Pacific Image Elect ImageBox-MF Film Photo Scanner Versatile Enough To Meet Buyers’ Needs?
Pacific Image Elect ImageBox-MF Slide ScannerFinding a reliable photo scanner is a must for many photographers that have treasured negatives and slides waiting to see the light of day, and the Pacific Image Elect ImageBox-MF Slide Scanner aims to fulfill that need with its user-friendly process and versatility.


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The scanner has the ability to handle a number of different slides and negatives, a 9MP image sensor, a color display to view the image, and a memory card interface for storing the new data. On paper it seems like the ideal way to transfer these images but what do buyers think?

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What benefits have buyers reported in their reviews of this Pacific Image Elect Scanner?
One thing that surprises users with this product is the lack of processes – turn it on, put in the materials, scan, and save it to the SD card. This ability to use the machine without a PC’s immediate need is a definite draw for many because it makes the process much simpler, faster and means there is the freedom to use the scanner in more locations.

Pacific Image Elect ImageBox-MFThis design has meant that not only have users scanned and saved images from their archives with relative ease and speed, but they have also enjoyed the benefits so much that they have gone through catalogs of negatives and slides and turned it into a massive project.

Furthermore, several users are complimenting the quality of those final images. However, this is so subjective that it is also the subject of a few more negative reviews.

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Why might image quality be an issue, and what else should users look out for with this Pacific ImageBox-MF Film Photo Scanner?

For some, the final image is of a much higher quality than they expected, but the brightness and level of detail have left a lot to be desired for others. Some feel that this could be avoided with more controls on the scanner to give people more manual options, and it probably does not help that the instructions offered are not very clear either.

On the subject of options, while it seems that the machine is more than capable when it comes to the 35mm slides, threesome should handle a greater range with the same ease – 120mm slides being problematic for some.

A summary is the Pacific Image Elect ImageBox-MF still recommendable despite these potential flaws.

Image quality is an issue with this product, but while some have returned the machine on this basis, there are enough happy buyers to suggest that it may not be quite that bad.

The interesting thing about this 35mm slide scanner that really makes it worth a second look is the amount of time and effort users have invested in it. Not only are they pleased with the methods and results, but they also trust the machine, are happy enough to let it scan masses of images, and have offered hardly any complaints about its performance at that time.

This sense of user-friendly operation, consistency in its reliability, and the general quality of the scans make the Pacific Image slide scanner so recommendable for photography enthusiasts.


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