Magnasonic All-In-One 22MP Slide Scanner

Does The Magnasonic All-In-One 22MP Slide Scanner Offer The Plug And Play Functionality That Users Are After?
Magnasonic All-In-One High-Resolution 22MP Film ScannerThe Magnasonic All-In-One 22MP Slide Scanner is designed to convert pretty much anything that we may have lying around in the back of a cupboard somewhere.


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This means 126KPK, 135, and 110 slides, negative, and also Super 8 film. The idea here is that users can do anything they want with the image “scan it, view it, and store it,” all without hooking the machine up to the computer.

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It is sold as a plug and plays model due to the all-in-one-nature and the simplicity of the functions and outlets. Does this really work, and are users happy with the results they get?

What benefits have buyers appreciated about this Magnasonic All-In-One 22MP Scanner after testing it out on old slides and negatives?
Many photographers and archivists will be keen on this option because of that promise of an all-in-one system. There is no doubt that all kinds of slides can be loaded and transferred with relative ease, although some sizes will experience a little cropping.

These images are digitized at the push of a button with no issue about editing and settings. Speed is a big selling point here, with the promise that users can go from loading to saving an image in 5 seconds. Few seem to dispute this time frame. This all in one element continues with the use of the built-in memory.

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There is 128MB of storage space here, with an additional SD slot for larger projects. This seems to be more than enough for most users. When it is time to transfer the images, users add the USB cable to the slot at the back.

One final selling point with this Magnasonic slide scanner is the display. This self-proclaimed vibrant screen stands out on the sales photos and gives the impression of a model with a clear, informative display. This 2.4-inch color screen simply showcases the final images and highlights the machine’s progress.

However, there is the bonus of the TV cable to view them on a larger screen. This is a great idea for those scanning old family photos in the hope of creating a slideshow. It also gives an instant impression of what to expect from the scan.

What downsides have buyers mentioned when reviewing this Magnasonic All-In-One High-Resolution 22MP Slide Scanner?

One of the first complaints that crop up fairly often in user reviews of this film scanner regards the finished scans’ quality. All scans are transformed into what the makers deem high resolution 22mp jpeg files.

For some, this is more than enough to transform old, tired negatives and slides into something that can be viewed with ease and will last. Others looking for high-quality points out the graininess of some images and distortions to the color. Some note that enlargements from these small files would be near impossible.

Many other complaints about this Magnasonic film scanner come from those that found it difficult to set up. While this is a plug and play model in its basic sense, there are still those who struggled with their first scans and software.

Many attribute this to the poorly written manual, which makes the system a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Others question if there are some compatibility issues with modern operating systems, as many see the biggest issues when hooking up the USB cable to their laptop or Macbook.

Summary: how does this mixed reaction to the plug and play nature of the Magnasonic All-In-One Slide, Negative, and Film Scanner affect a final recommendation?

There are definite pros and cons to this machine, which many attributes to the fact that it is a little cheaper than some other models. The machine is simple in terms of its functions and the design, and for some, this means a fast, easy approach to digitizing old family slides. Many give this good rating simply because it did what they wanted with speed and no hassle.

The problems come with the over-complicated set-up and low image quality. In the end, it all depends on the reason for purchasing the Magnasonic slide scanner. Those that need to store digital versions of multiple slides and negatives are sure to succeed. Those with bigger ambitions may struggle.


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