Jumbl 14MP Slide Scanner Review

Is The Compact Jumbl High-Resolution 14MP Scanner/Digitizer As User-Friendly As It First Appears?
On first impressions, the Jumbl High-Resolution 14MP Slide Scanner looks like a pretty neat idea with its compact size, apparently simple processes, and a large viewing window. This basic looking device with its separate slide and negative holders and 2.4-inch color LCD screen can convert old 35mm slides and negatives into 14mp images and is said to be “a very portable, accessible solution for digitizing films and slides.” Do buyers agree with this notion?”


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What benefits have users enjoyed with this Jumbl 14MP Digitiser/Scanner?
There are many aspects to this specification to make buyers think that it will be ideally user-friendly, and consumer testimonials definitely show that this machine is fast, easy to use, and has a wide appeal.

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Loading a slide onto the specially designed tray is quick and simple, as is the scanning process thanks to the easy-to-navigate menu and the clear viewing screen with its high resolution. From there, all digitized images can be easily transferred to a computer via the included USB because the scanner is compatible with PC and MAC.

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Jumbl 14MP Slide Scanner

This ease of use also gives the Jumbl 14MP Scanner/Digitizer a wider appeal; it is not just technically minded or keen or photography that can appreciate this product because there are also reports of it being used with the elderly to digitize old memories.

This family-friendly vibe is further enhanced because it has a cable that can be hooked up to the TV so families can view the results together.

There is a sense that these final images are good but not great. These slides and negatives are processed well. There are some options for manually altering the brightness and color correction. It can enhance images up to 22 megapixels with the built-in interpolation, and it saves images as jpegs, which is the most useful option for most users.

This is all a good start, but for people looking for a higher quality of the image or something more artistic, some shortcomings are acknowledged.

What problems have users seen in the final images, and what other flaws do this Jumbl 14MP Slide Scanner have?

While some users have no issue with the image at all, others have tried to improve because they can see the flaws quite clearly. One of the biggest issues here is color balance and exposure. Although some users either don’t notice it or aren’t bothered by the discrepancies, others have spent a lot of time trying to adjust it with Photoshop.

This isn’t too big a concern for some, but it does increase the time taken to get the image they desire, and this does then offset any benefit gained with the other time-saving measures.

There are some other minor flaws to this device to take note of besides the image quality. Many point out that dust and fiber can get trapped inside the unit, interfering with the result, and there is no dust removal software to fix the problem.

Elsewhere, others say that it can be tricky to load a strip of negatives because the pins’ placement on the loader means it has to be precise, and some strips may not fit these exact measurements: it has to be 35mm negatives. Lastly, the built-in 128mb memory may not be sufficient for all users, but there is the option of adding an SD/SDHC memory card.

Summary who is this Jumbl High-resolution 14MP Slide Scanner best recommended forgiven these problems?

It is pretty safe to say that if you want a top-quality result with the very best in image processing software and other little tricks and tools for a speedy, perfect image, this is not the product to buy.

Instead, this product is a great little device for anyone that doesn’t mind a few smudges or odd color balance and wants quick transferrals of old slides and negatives to digital forms, or for those that are happy to play about with the image afterward and want a basic, user-friendly machine to get the images into the computer.

This Jumbl scanner is highly recommended, despite its many small drawbacks, because it is easy and quick to use, and so much thought has gone into the design that it is still considered a worthwhile purchase by most buyers.


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