ION OMNI SCAN Slide Scanner Review

Is The ION OMNI SCAN Slide Scanner The Ideal Way To Preserve Your Slides?
ION OMNI SCAN Slide ScannerThe idea of using a common-place scanner to transfer old photographs onto our computers has been embraced as a great way to preserve the past, and now the ION OMNI SCAN Stand-Alone Image and Slide Scanner are offering the chance to go a step further and scan old slides.


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This scanner has the ability to scan cardboard and plastic mounted slides as well as color and monochrome 35mm negatives, on both 9MP and 5MP modes. The final results can be transferred onto an SD or straight to the computer via USB as simple JPEG images and the scanner contains a color LCD screen so you can view the results.

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This sounds like a great product for any amateur archivists and enthusiasts but can it deliver with good performance and desirable results?

Some Noted Features of the ION OMNI SCAN Slide Scanner

  • Standalone film & slide scanner
  • Scans all color or monochrome 35mm negatives & mounted slides
  • 9 megapixel & 5-megapixel modes for up to3648 x 2736 scans
  • Converts images to digital JPEG files to easily view, organize & share
  • Full-color LCD screen for viewing converted pictures

ION OMNI SCAN Stand-Alone Image and Slide Scanner Reviews

The Positive Comments

Some several features and benefits have been highlighted with this ION slide scanner, and one of the most frequent is the fact that, for the most part, the controls, interface, and operations are user-friendly and easy to get used to.

In addition to this, the machine is compact enough not to take up too much space, durable enough to last through thousands of slides, and speedy enough to produce the results in seconds rather than minutes.

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ION Slide Scanner

Basically, when it scans properly, it does so straightforwardly with great, clear results and fast copies; however, this is not always guaranteed to happen, and the machine is a little problematic.

What are the flaws in this ION OMNI SCAN Slide Scanner that buyers should be aware of?

The ability to reproduce images from slides and negatives is clearly what makes this model stand out, and this capability should, therefore, be effortless and worthwhile.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case because the negative scanning option is not well received, and the slides do not always fit. This issue with the slides is arguably the biggest disadvantage because the need to remove them with tweezers, which has been the solution for many users, is not ideal.

One other problem worth noting is that the 35mm slide scanner can get dusty, and it is difficult to get inside to clean the lenses. With some extra effort, both of these negative factors can be addressed and solved, so they are not a massive disadvantage, but they detract from the product’s user-friendly nature and decrease its appeal to a degree.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, there is a sense that this is a device that matches its price tag. This ION negative scanner has many great capabilities and aspects that put it ahead of cheaper models – such as the ability to scan a range of media, the compact size, and the interface.

But the negative features and the difficulty in loading and removing slides means that more expensive, feature-rich models may better suit those with specific needs and expectations.

If you want a perfect, effortless performance, it may be worth spending a little more money, but if you don’t mind making your own adjustments, then the longevity and results of this ION OMNI scanner could make it a worthwhile purchase.


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