ION Film 2 SD Plus Slide Scanner

Is The ION Film 2 SD Plus 35mm Slide and Negative Scanner Too Small And Simple For Keen Photographers?
ION Film 2 SD Plus Slide ScannerThe ION Film 2 SD Plus 35mm Slide and Negative Scanner is designed for creating digital scans of film and negatives via an “ultra-high” resolution 14mp scanning system. There are 2 slides and negative holders, an SD card to hold the images, a power supply, a software CD, and a quick start guide.


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The idea is to create digital images from old media to view them on digital picture frames, televisions, smartphones, and other devices. The product is great in concept and should have mass appeal, but does this translate when used?

What benefits have been highlighted with this ION Film Scanner in user reviews?
This cute little scanner is seen as a user-friendly option. There is no computer required as it is a plug and play sort of model that saves all images to an SD card for future use. There is a USB port if users want to hook it up to a computer, but no cable is included.

The setup is straightforward, and it seems that users need no previous experience to get a decent image. It is definitely easy to use, and many first times are sure to load and scan their negatives with ease.

There are also several automated elements to the scanning process that may be a pro or a con, depending on your final scan plans. The machine uses autofocus, auto balance, and auto color correction to deal with the image as it sees fit.

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ION Film 2 SD Plus Hi-Res 35mm Slide and Negative Scanner

This is a nice touch for those that don’t want to mess with the image themselves, but others have had to play with the digitized scan on their computers afterward. Finally, there are also positive comments about the scans’ speed, with one user timing it at 2 or 3 seconds per scan for a slide.

Are there are clear downsides to this ION Film 2 SD Plus Negative/Slide Scanner?

Reviews are pretty mixed with this scanner because of the software. This user-friendly nature means that the product is also small. However, it may be a bit too small for some users, especially with that color preview window to view the images and the scans’ progress.

It is hard to get a detailed look at what the processor is trying to do with the images. There is also the suggestion that the design leads to too much-trapped dirt and dust, which can hurt the final image.

Summary: how does all of this affect a final verdict on the ION Film 2 SD Plus?

This could be seen as a starting point for those that are less interested in photography and image creation and more interested in restoring old archives. If this is a one time project, then the simple machine will do the job well enough and handle the material pretty well.

However, if this ION slide scanner is something that will be used a lot for scanning and users want more control, the size and automation may be too much of a drawback.



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