Epson Perfection V700 Photo Slide Scanner Review

Epson Perfection V700 Photo Scanner: The Perfect Scanner for Reproducing Old Slides and Films
Superior results when scanning negatives, slides, and pictures with the highly-regarded Epson Perfection V700 photo scanner. Featuring 6,400 dpi resolution, the scanner can reproduce images, so they appear incredibly sharp and clear. This amazing scanner can also provide film enlargements that measure as big 17” x 22,” too.


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An Advanced Color System

Using dual-lens technology, you can obtain the wanted resolution for unparalleled picture quality. So, regardless of the photo, negative, or slide, you’ll obtain professional results with the Epson Perfection V700 photo scanner. Featuring 48-bit color, the scanner can pick up tonal nuances and vividly reproduce hues and shades in photos and paperwork.

Restore the Integrity of Older Films and Prints and Create an Image that is Better than the Original

If you are looking for a machine to restore your old photos then, you’ll be well-pleased with the Epson V700 slide scanner. That’s because the scanner makes use of Digital ICE™ technologies – giving the scanner the capability to remove demarcations, such as scratches and dust while emphasizing the feature details of a slide or photograph.

So, restorations of images can be made without the need for retouching. Therefore, whether the image is marred by dust or is damaged due to tears or creases, you can restore older films and prints’ original integrity.

Bring an Old Picture Back to Life Using Epson Easy Photo Fix®

Besides, any fading can be restored using Epson Easy Photo Fix®. Scan old photos and, magically, just with a click, the color is renewed to its original vibrant hue. You can also reduce the graininess of some photos and correct the backlighting by using Photo Fix®. Scan a large set of images using the film holders that come with the scanner – a convenient feature that enables you to reproduce many films and prints.

Software Galore!

The Epson Perfection V700 slide scanner is supported by a large software package, including Adobe® Photoshop® Elements, Epson Scan, Epson Copy Utility, LaserSoft Imaging™ SilverFast® SE6, among others. A warranty that covers parts and service for one year is also included with the product.

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Other Items that Come with the Epson PerfectionV700 Photo Scanner

When you buy the Epson Perfection slide scanner, you’ll also receive an 8” x 10” transparent unit (which is built into the lid); four film holders, CD-ROMs for Epson Scan and LaserSoft Imaging™ SilverFast® SE6, a DVD-ROM with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements, a USB 2.0 cable, and AC adapter.

Epson Perfection V700 Photo Scanner Reviews

Positive Remarks

Excellent Color and Clarity

Users of the Epson Perfection V700 photo scanner who gave it a five-star rating said that the scanner exceeded their expectations, especially users who scanned fairly old photos and slides. One consumer said that he scanned an early photo of his parents (circa the 50s), which was badly faded using the machine’s Epson color correction software. He put a small 2” x 3” image through the device and converted it into an 8” x 10” picture – the image displaying excellent color and clarity.

Works Great for 35mm Slides

Another pleased customer, who gave the Epson 35mm slide scanner high marks, said that the machine works great for 35mm slides, while another user said that the scanner does a fantastic job scanning both negatives and slides.

Far Exceeded His Expectations

One customer, who had been scanning the Internet for a scanner for over a year before buying the Epson Perfection scanner said that the device far exceeded his expectations. Now he can view old photos he had not looked at in thirty years.

He did say that he thought the scanner was a bit inferior in quality to a dedicated film scanner, but he also noted that few, if any, people could make the distinction. That being said, he still felt the Epson Perfection photo scanner merited a 5-star rating.

Easy to Set Up, Creates Stunningly Beautiful Images

Another reviewer said he was amazed that everyone hadn’t given the scanner five stars. He noted that the Epson scanner is easy to set up and creates stunningly beautiful images. He said that he was using the scanner to convert old photos and 35mm negatives into digital pictures. He added that the software that is included is simple to use and works perfectly. All in all, he had no complaints.

Negative Comments

However, not everyone was as enthused about their purchase. One customer said that the Epson V700 negative scanner worked great as long as it was running. But he would not recommend the scanner as he experienced two mechanical failures two separate times when using the machine.

Another user said he didn’t like the film holders who came with the machine – he thought they were cheap and flimsy while another customer said he didn’t like having to wait for the machine to warm up when he switched the methods of scanning.

In Summary . . .

So, while some users thought the Epson Perfection V700 Photo Scanner lived up to its name and was indeed perfection to own and operate, other users felt slighted somewhat by their purchase. One dissatisfied customer cited a hardware issue, and user preference was the reason for two complaints.

However, when you review the comments overall, more than 100 people gave the Epson slide scanner four and five-star ratings, with the majority giving the scanner five stars. Average to below-average marks came from only a small contingent of the customers – a number you could count on the fingers of one hand.


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