Epson FastFoto FF-640 Photo Scanner

Is There More To The Epson FastFoto FF-640 High-Speed Photo Scanner Than Speed?
The Epson FastFoto FF-640 Photo Scanner looks like a professional approach to photo scanning and digitization with the automatic feeder, the high-end looking machine, and the promise of great results. The aim here is to help users “preserve what’s priceless,” with talk of creating new photograph albums and slideshows from old images.


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The scanner comes with a quick start guide, a USB cable for data transfers, a power adapter, and even a cleaning cloth to keep everything working for the best results. It sounds like a great approach from a well-known name, but are users happy with their final images?

What benefits have users noted when reviewing this Epson FastFoto High-Speed Photo Scanner online?
The main selling point here is clearly the speed, as Epson proudly boasts that this is the “world’s fastest photo scanner,” with the ability to scan one per second. Speed is a must-have feature with any model where there are many images to digitize, and users don’t want to labor over the process.

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Still, speed is nothing without a high-end result afterward. Here they promise to provide great quality through 600dpi. Many comments from users mention their surprise at the true speed of this system, despite these promises. It works harder than many scanners they have tried before, with some impressive results and few errors.

Epson FastFoto FF-640 High-Speed Photo Scanning System

There is also the promise that users can further experience restoration, organization, and image sharing. The Epson photo scanner comes with custom FastFoto software and Smart Photo Fix for small enhancements to tidy up the images. There are before and after images in sales photos of faded family photos brought back to life.

Another great trick here is the ability to scan on both sides, restoring the handwritten notes on the images’ people. This unique feature is the deal-breaker for many people working to organize their images and family tree. The touch-up features and fire sharing also work well too.

Then there are all of the benefits to the hardware of this large printer. The automatic feeding tray can hold up to 30 photos at a time, reducing the need for continual manual feeding.

The machine’s size may seem large to some that are used to more compact printers, but this width allows for panoramic images – something that other makers don’t always consider.

Are there any clear issues with this Epson FastFoto FF-640 Photo Scanning System that buyers need to be aware of?

There are so many comments and good reviews from buyers that it is easy to assume that this is a faultless model that is easy to use—however, some responses from users that are less impressed and are keen to point out the flaws.

The first issue to mention here is the problem with white lines and streaks on the images. Some see this straight away, assume there is a fault in the scanner and send it back. Others see this after a period of time where the scanner became a little dirty. This is why cleaning cloth is so important. There is the potential of a little more maintenance here for the best results, but this is the price to pay for those high-end results.

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Epson FastFoto Photo Scanning System

Others take off a star here and there because they expected a little more from the brand. While some are amazed by this machine’s options and fixes, some expected this machine to do a little more in terms of the software.

Naturally, this leads to the usual comments about the price paid for a top of the range Epson model over other competitors. Some still feel they paid too much.

Summary: what does this all mean for the final verdict on this Epson FastFoto FF-640?

The lack of negativity for this machine means that it really is easy to recommend to anyone in need of a reliable photo scanning system. In the end, the appeal goes far beyond that initial selling point of the speed to the quality of the images and the range of options.

It can scan the back, fix the color, and share the images that really make a difference to keen users. Some will continue to point out the flaws in the Epson photo scanner because of the brand name and cost, but most are happy with the price paid and the occasional cleaning because of the images generated and the ease of use.


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