Epson E11000XL-PH Photo Scanner Review

Does The Epson E11000XL-PH Photo Scanner Help Professional Users In The Ways Advertised?
This product is currently unavailable. You can find the newer model Epson 12000XL-PH on Amazon here.

Epson E11000XL Photo ScannerEpson invites users to “boost productivity” with the Epson E11000XL-PH Photo Scanner, suggesting that this is a model that can get the job done.


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What advantages have been highlighted in user reviews for this Epson Image, Photo, And Slide Scanner?
Starting with the hardware, there are many reports from buyers who appreciate this product’s large scanning area. This means that users can scan a wider range of items and large-scale drawings with ease. It is also seen as a heavy-duty machine with the ability to handle heavy traffic and the odd knock or two. It is a large machine, but not so much that buyers seem to struggle to find a home for it on a desk.

As for the software, many are impressed with how the slide scanner digitizes the prints and provides a clear, high-quality copy. There are many options with the image in terms of its size and look, which means that users can easily customize a final print to their liking.

The other clear benefit here is the ability to read images on different materials. Some are using transparent film and page gels that are impressed with the quality of the duplicate. This is down to the transparency unit’s inclusion for film and slides and the 12.2 x 17.2″ scan bed for oversized reflective media.

What downsides have buyers mentioned when discussing this Epson E11000XL-PH Photo Scanner?

The only issue of note is the idea that the user interface on this machine could be better. There is the suggestion that it is a little unintuitive and that some users may waste time messing with previews and cropped images to be sure of the right result.

Others, however, seem to find it easy to use and talk about the simple controls. A related issue here is the lack of written instructions to help users get the best out of the machine. Some talk about a steep learning curve, although they do add that it was completely worth it.

Summary: does all this positivity towards this Epson E11000XL-PH Flat Bed Scanning System mean highly recommendable?

In the end, many people are using this machine in a professional capacity and recommending it to others in a similar field. This is why it is impossible for this review not to follow suit. There are illustrators, designers, and researchers using this machine daily because they are confident in their abilities.

Combining the Epson slide scanner’s tough hardware, large area, and capable software means that it is close to being a perfect model. A better interface and manual would quickly resolve that.


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