Canon CanoScan 5600F Scanner Review

Beautiful Scans from Canon CanoScan 5600F Slide Scanner

Canon CanoScan 5600F ScannerThe Canon CanoScan 5600F Color Image Scanner is one of the most quality scanners out there that can take care of all image scanning needs. The performance features exceed its prices by a big amount, which is why the incredible offer for the price is quite a bargain. CanoScan 5600F powers up instantly allowing you to continue your work without any delay.


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The white LED technology uses very little energy to run. Heavy-duty work like scanning a letter-sized color takes less than eleven seconds.

It can automatically detect the best settings when scanning if you press the auto-mode button. You can scan multiple documents at the same time with the new ODF function.

The technology it uses gives excellent image quality for 4800 dpi. It uses LED lights to conserve energy. This Canon 35mm slide scanner needs zero time to start scanning, you press the power button and you are ready. There are 7 buttons on the top which lets you configure your output.

It is a very fast a simple way to scan documents, copy them, create PDF format, and create emails. The auto mode helps you get the job done faster as it always provides you with the optimum setting.

The quality of output from the Canon CanoScan slide scanner is great; the scanned image can be even made cleaner by removing the dust and backlight effects. You only need to use a single wire; a USB port to connect to your computer which also supplies it with power.

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CanoScan 5600F Features and Specifications

  • New “auto scan mode” automatically adjusts settings by detecting where you are scanning
  • Zero warm-up time and lower power consumption with White LED
  • File multi-page documents easily with the enhanced ODF feature
  • High-speed letter-size color scanning in approximately 11 seconds
  • CanoScan 5600F Dimensions: 10.7 x 19.4 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight: 9.5 pounds

Canon CanoScan 5600F Slide Scanner Reviews

Most of the customers that used Canon CanoScan 5600F Scanner are indeed very pleased with it as they gave it a five stars rating. One customer said that he bought it recently and it has not given him any trouble. It is compatible with his Windows Vista 64 bit; all he had to do was download and install the appropriate drivers.

Canon CanoScan 5600F Slide ScannerAlthough there was a warning that nothing other than a USB cable would work, he used Belkin and it worked fine. He said that the manual was great and it took little time to learn all the functionalities. He said the quality was far better than other scanners he used.

Another customer said he bought the CanoScan 5600 because he needed to scan some very old slides and the quality of the output was far better than he had expected. He also appreciates the fact that it runs with his Mac as well.

One customer said that taking 11 seconds of time was far too long for him. He needed to scan some very old photos and it took all day. Another customer also felt that the process was very slow. He also needed to scan some photos in high quality.

He said after doing thirty scans that took all day, the memory was filled and he had to restart. For restarting the process he lost all the work and had to do it again. Even though it takes a long time in terms of old documents and photos the Canon photo scanner is still a far better scanner than those of other brands.


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